April 10, 2016

Husky Trekking

Join us on a hike with one of our Siberian Huskies.
The Husky Trekking leads you through idyllic Araucaria forests and over volcanic landscapes to hidden mountain lakes and volcanic caves. The active Villarrica Volcano is always in sight and offers spectacular views to its glaciar in the south and his smoking summit.
One of our Siberian Huskies will always walk togehter with you on this trek. The sled dog is harnessed and connected to you with a special pulling line. Another unique adventure you can live with us on our Husky Farm Aurora Austral in Villarrica, Chile.
This Hike is also available without dog!

Husky Trekking Novena Region Husky Farm Patagonia

Husky Trekking Novena Region Husky Farm Patagonia

General requirements:
Minimum age 10 years
minors only with approval of their parents
good physical constitution

Short hike 5 hours total (Hiking time 2-3 hours)
Long hike 8 hours total (Hiking time 4-5 hours)

In sever weather conditions the trekking will be postponed

We recommend outdoor clothing appropriate for the climate and some good hiking boots

Group Size:
min 2 persons and max 4 persons (larger groups on request)

Husky Trekking
Snack and drinks

Short Hike $38.000.- CLP per person
Long Hike $48.000.- CLP per person